Puppies and upcoming litters

Upcoming Litter

Remi and Hunters 2018 litter

Hunter X Remi were bred in November and are expecting an all black litter the second week of February 2019.

Both parents hold NASHDA World Championship titles! They have both been successful shed hunting outside of competitions as well.  Both are pets in our home and are very loving dogs.  Remi and I have fun training together! She loves to learn new things and I love teaching them to her.  Remi has two levels of AKC trick dog titles, she goes to the nursing home and schools working on her therapy dog certification, she was my demo dog in my professional dog training classes, she helps demo behaviors in group classes and always gives 110% when working.  Hunter is strictly a shed hunting/pet dog.  He is approaching his 9th year shed hunting and has travelled across the country and in Canada hunting with my husband.  Hunter is a laid back gentle guy at home.  He is fun to watch hunt. He has a grace and smoothe approach that is unique.  He quarters and scents the area very thoroughly and it is completely natural for him. The combination of these two dogs has produced some very good hunting, both shed and bird, dogs.  Their pups are smart and super motivated to work.

Here at Skyline Drive Kennels I ollow the Puppy Culture program when raising litters. I have programs set up to take the puppies to schools and businesses to aid in their positive socialization experience prior to them going to their new homes.

This will be a phenomenal litter for shed hunting dogs  They will also be great for bird hunting, pets, competition, and honestly anything your willing to teach them.

The puppies will be available to go home at 8 weeks which should be the second week of April.  We do offer programs to introduce your puppy to shed hunting and/or basic obedience by staying at the kennel for additional time.  Call for more details on these programs.

Deposits of $200 are placed in order received. Call Shannon at 812-528-1549 with questions.

Deposit 1 – pet male – Tom

Deposit 1 – shed dog female – Zac

Deposit 2 – male –

Deposit 2- female –