Shed Hunting Trainees

Skyline Drives Foxy Jolene


JoJo is a fun loving girl who is a half sister to Nelli. JoJo was also our pick of the litter from an Antler Ridge breeding. We got her at 7 weeks to evaluate the litter of pups and started her shed training then. Her obedience and intro to sheds was started here at Skyline Drive Kennels and she is currently finishing out her training with a pro trainer. We plan to hunt her this shed season and see what she is going to do. She was born on May 28, 2016.


Skyline Drive’s Daisy Mae


Daisy is one of our pups from the last breeding between Booty and Hunter. These pups have been wonderful. This particular litter had 4 go to pro trainers.. 3 have competed in NASHDA shed hunting events and have earned three passes at their Junior Shed Hunting title along with the opportunity to compete at the World Championships with NASHDA. Daisy is a full speed no holding back kind of girl. She listens very good, is great in the house and hunts hard in the field. She has keen eyes as well as a super nose. At only nine months old she is loaded with potential and we look forward to hunting her this season.