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Our Dogs

“Meet the heart and soul of Skyline Drive Kennels – Our beloved companions who bring joy and loyalty to every moment.”

Meet Our Shed Hunting Labradors at Skyline Drive Kennels

At Skyline Drive Kennels, we are incredibly proud of our four-legged family members. Each of our dogs holds a special place in our hearts, contributing to the warmth and joy that fills our kennel. Allow us to introduce you to our beloved companions:

  • Nelli – Yellow Female: Nelli, our vivacious yellow girl, brings boundless energy and joy to our lives with her playful antics.
  • Jaz – Chocolate Female: Jaz, our elegant chocolate beauty, captivates with her grace and intelligence, shining both in the field and at home.
  • Hunter – Retired Stud Male: Hunter, our retired stud, embodies the pinnacle of our breeding program, leaving a lasting legacy of excellence.
  • Remi – Retired Breeding Female: Remi, our retired breeding matriarch, has shaped the future of our kennel with her nurturing spirit and dedication.
  • Kobe – Retired Stud Male: Kobe, our retired gentleman, has passed on his remarkable lineage and gentle nature, leaving a lasting impact on our breeding program.