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Meet Molly: A True Trailblazer from Skyline Drive Kennels!

Meet Molly: A True Trailblazer from Skyline Drive Kennels!

At Skyline Drive Kennels (SDK), we take immense pride in our exceptional pups, and Molly is no exception. Bred and trained right here at SDK, Molly has been honing her skills as a shed hunter since day one. But her journey doesn’t stop there – she’s been blazing trails alongside her devoted owner, Lonnie, for the past few years.

Based in Pennsylvania, Lonnie and Molly are no strangers to adventure. Every weekend, they embark on a journey from PA to IL, chasing the thrill of shed hunting in the scenic landscapes of Illinois. Their recent trip was nothing short of remarkable, capturing moments of pure joy and triumph.

Lonnie’s dedication to Molly’s training and their shared passion for shed hunting is truly inspiring. Their bond goes beyond the miles they’ve traveled and the sheds they’ve found – it’s a testament to the unbreakable connection between a handler and their faithful companion.

So here’s to Molly, a shining example of the extraordinary dogs that call SDK home, and to Lonnie, for sharing their incredible journey with us. Your adventures remind us of the endless possibilities that await when you have a loyal four-legged friend by your side. Keep on exploring, Molly and Lonnie!

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Lonnie – we can’t wait to see where your next shed hunting expedition takes you!

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